A Community-Wide Conversation

At the Table

What Is It?

At The Table is an ongoing community-wide conversation that starts with you and your friends. On May 20 and 21 of 2016, we encouraged people all across Lancaster County to come together, share a meal or coffee, and talk about your ideas and hopes for Lancaster County. This was the first step in a continuing effort provide chances for all voices from our community to be heard.

What Does it Look Like?


People across the county invited friends or family to a gathering of their choice anytime on May 20 or 21 2016. It could have been be a coffee, brown bag lunch, dinner, potluck or picnic.


At these gatherings, they discussed their hopes and dreams for our neighborhoods and our community.


Participants then told us what their At The Table gathering discussed using a survey developed by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. We want to hear your voice so we can move forward together.


Participants could also see what others are saying; the Community Foundation shared posts, pictures, and ideas through local media and this website as well as on social media using the hashtag #AtTheTableLanc

Why Are We Doing This?

At the Lancaster County Community Foundation, our work is to champion extraordinary community, and to do this, we need your voice at the table. Tell us what drives you, what inspires you, and what we need to know to serve our community best.

We’d love to hear your insights and ideas! Sign up and we’ll let you know about other community happenings and keep you up to date about more opportunities to get involved. Thanks for your interest!

At the Table
A new initiative of the Lancaster County Community Foundation